My Résumé/CV is now publicly available

Let me explain why I put my Résumé/CV online for everyone to see...

My Résumé/CV is now publicly available

The idea

I have created a static page on this site for my CV/Résumé.

I got the idea from Chris Dell who first did it when he was switching jobs.

At first the idea scared me a bit. I thought "But then anyone can see it, what about privacy".
But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense.

Am I looking a new job?

To be clear, I am not actively looking for a job at the moment. I enjoy my work at Planixs and things are getting even more interesting there, with teams being shifted around and new verticals being created, as well as the prospect of starting some machine learning projects there.

Then why?

I am not sure exactly why, it just seemed like a good idea.

I always like to know what else is going on around me. I try read through most recruiter emails (if they are not another "come move to London" one), because you never know what you might find.

At the bottom of my CV, I have a list of hobbies and interests and at the bottom of that, I have a list of programming technologies that I would like to learn more about and work with.
So if something comes up where people work with one of these, it is worth at least a look, even just to get an idea of the type of roles that people are hiring for.

So having my CV on here might increase the chance, ever so slightly, of the cooler roles finding their way into my inbox and hopefully less of the .NET or London based roles clogging up my inbox.

I take a similar approach to advertising. I don't mind advertising, if it is relevant. I would much rather see an ad for an electronics kit, than one for ladies shoes. So within limits, I am ok with Google knowing a bit more about me, if it means that I can stumble across more relevant and meaningful information.
I realize this is a massive can of worms, but that is my view on it.

It is the same with my CV on here. I am taking a hit on privacy, in order to hopefully have more relevant job market information find its way to me.