A Nerf Gun Mod: Enabling the next generation of Makers

My son was inspired by his recent Maker meetup visit to create a Nerf gun attachment. I helped him bring it from sketch to CAD, into the real world

A Nerf Gun Mod: Enabling the next generation of Makers

This week, I took my oldest son to the nearby 3D Printing and Maker meetup. He loved it and was inspired to make something. I encouraged him to think of some ideas and let me know what he came up with so that I would help him with his project.

The next day he came to me with an idea for a Nerf gun attachment and presented me with this drawing.

I appreciated his attention to detail. He had already determined that 6 darts would be the optimum number and would fit well into the design. He also already had a pretty good idea of what the part needed to look like to interface with the Nerf gun rail.

We spent a few minutes before work measuring the rail and darts, etc., and coming up with a design in Fusion 360.

To test for fit, we made a few prototype prints at 5mm thickness.

On the 3rd iteration, we found the correct fit.

My son was over the moon with his new design.

I remember the first time that I brought an idea from my head into the real world using CAD and a 3D Printer and I am so excited for him to have had that same experience.