Jayd Lawrence - Résumé

Jayd Lawrence - Résumé

Staff Software Engineer

Contact Details


I am a self-starter developer; having studied Chemistry at university, I was lured towards programming as it appealed to my voracious problem-solving side.

As a developer, I am free to use my imagination to create solutions within the context of the language at hand, every day.

This constant opportunity to learn and solve new puzzles motivates me the most.


Frontend: ReactJs, ExtJS, jQuery, Redux, ES6, GraphQL

Backend: NodeJs, PHP, Python, Java, Bash

Web Backend Frameworks: Codeigniter, Symfony, Django, Flask, Bottle, Express, Fastify

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, LogicBlox, MSSQL, Redis, Percona, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL

Desktop Solutions: C#, C++, C

Infrastructure: Linux server administration, BASH scripting, Ansible, Vagrant, AWS, Docker, Kafka, CI/CD

Embedded: HTML5, Arduino, C

Testing: MochaJs, Selenium, PHPUnit, JUnit, Jest, Postman

Qualifications: BSc Honours in Organic Chemistry

Work Experience

March 2021 - Present - Quest Mindshare

Staff Software Engineer

  • Architectural and system design
  • Backend Development
  • DevOps
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership
  • Research & Design
  • Machine Learning

September 2020 - March 2021 - Commit

Engineering Partner

  • Frontend ReactJs development
  • Backend NodeJs Express development
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Working with startups

November 2020 - February 2021 - Finn.ai

Software Engineer (Contract)

  • Frontend ReactJs development
  • Backend NodeJs Express development
  • GraphQL

October 2018 - September 2020 - Cvent

Senior Software Engineer

  • Frontend ReactJs development
  • API / Backend Development
  • Senior responsibilities like mentoring, planning and R & D
  • Javascript, ReactJs, Redux, Java, ElasticSearch

March 2017 – September 2018 - Careicon

Senior Software Developer

  • Technical Lead
  • Frontend ReactJs development
  • PHP/Symfony application development
  • Operations tasks including Vagrant configuration/administration using Ansible
  • Javascript, ReactJs, PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Redis, Redux, ElasticSearch

September 2015 – March 2017 - Planixs

Software Developer

  • Frontend ExtJS development
  • Python Flask middleware API development
  • Java Queuereader development
  • Backend LogicBlox LogiQL database and logic
  • Agile methodology
  • Operations tasks including AWS AMI and Vagrant configuration/administration
  • Performance Testing / Benchmarking
  • Bamboo cloud, server, and agent configuration and administration
  • Continuous automated testing setup
  • NodeJs MochaJs test champion
  • ExtJS, Python, Flask, LogiQL, Java, Bash

November 2013 – August 2015 - Cybertill

PHP Developer

  • Developing and maintaining a large core PHP Symfony application
  • Agile-style methodology
  • Working with Business Analysts to produce specifications for new features
  • Researching and Development for embedded solutions
  • Embedded biometric identification/login solution
  • Integration with 3rd party hardware
  • Leadership roles including managing the migration from SVN to Git
  • PHP, Symfony, Propel, MySQL, C#, C++

June 2013 – November 2013 - Invisible-Systems

Application Developer

  • Research and development
  • Bash scripting to manage and transcode MJPEG streams from IP Cameras for use as a DVR/NVR
  • Backend database, web, and front-end development.
  • PHP, MSSQL, Bash

December 2011 – June 2013 - MVF Global

Backend Web Application Developer

  • Application Development
  • Project Lead a new finance and billing system in Codeigniter
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Create Django-Tastypie rest interface for a company’s core databases
  • Django & MongoDB RESTful application to overcome 500 daily API requests limit of Xero.com
  • PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL, Django, MongoDB

September 2010 – November 2011 - ClearFormat

Junior Development Programmer

  • Learning new programming languages and using them to add functionality to existing systems.
  • Creating a JavaScript graphing library from scratch
  • Stand-alone sign-up and account management web application built using Django
  • Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP

Coding Challenges/ Tests

Follow this GitHub link to see a list of repositories containing coding exercises/tests that I have completed for interview purposes.


Hobbies / Interests


See my dev blog at jaydlawrence.dev


Hobby Farming

  • Aquaponics
  • Horticulture
  • Backyard poultry
  • Homesteading
  • Beekeeping
  • Regenerative Agriculture

Technologies / Industries of interest

Electric Vehicles


Internet of Things

Multirotors (drones)

Online Security

Regenerative Agriculture

Clean Energy

Programming topics I want to learn more about and work with

Machine Learning

Native Mobile Development